Benefits of Cow Ghee

If you are one of the ghee or fat-phobic types, think again! There are some things you should know about cow ghee.

Cow Ghee is one of the Satvik foods prescribed by Ayurveda, because of its nutritional and medicinal values. A spoonful of cow ghee consumption every day not just fulfills the fat requirements of body, but is also very easily digestible. It helps to carry out several vital functions in our body. That’s why medical science terms cow as “walking and living chemist store.”

But one should take this advice with a pinch of salt. It should be kept in mind that excessive consumption of ghee could result in some health implications, while having appropriate amount of cow ghee every day is a sign of healthy life style. Here we describe some of the benefits of cow’s ghee.

  • Ghee is excellent for cooking and stir-frying. Unlike other cooking oils, its flash point is above the normal cooking temperatures so it doesn’t get burnt and retains the nutritional values while cooking.
  • Gentle gum massage with cow ghee everyday is good for gums and teeth.
  • Cow ghee improves digestion as it helps in secreting enzymes that digest the food.
  • Taking cow ghee with warm milk before sleeping is soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines.
  • Cow ghee is very good for skin treatment. It could be used as a facial moisturizer and also be applied on heat burns for relief.
  • Body massage with cow ghee is good for enhancing immune system.
  • Due to lesser and thinner fats in cow ghee, any preparations made from it do not induce sleep even after eating a good amount.
  • Cow ghee is believed to be beneficial in thyroid dysfunction as it contains good amount of iodine.
  • Placing a few drops of ghee in nostrils everyday could help to check nose bleeding.

Talking about all the health benefits of cow ghee, how can we forget the mouth watering aroma and taste it provides to the food? So the next time you are cooking, make your taste buds happy with a healthy diet!

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